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The Madden Jinx now is an ecological terrorist & the most powerful ally of British Petroleum.


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In this, the only investigative headline attached to the pending release, the hard-working folks at The Sport Pickle have uncovered the most disturbing and detrimental effect the Madden series has unleashed on humanity to date. Dave Saraiva has the story…

Brees was named Madden cover boy on April 22. On the very same day, CNN reported that oil was leaking from an underwater rig that was damaged by an explosion two days earlier.

“I didn’t even get to enjoy being the cover boy for a day before the jinx hit,” Brees said. “I’m literally sitting there on my couch admiring the thing for the first time when breaking news hits CNN that there is a massive amount of oil leaking out of a damaged rig in – you guessed it – the Gulf of Mexico, right off the coast of – you guessed it – Louisiana, which is the state where – you guessed it – New Orleans is. I just hope they don’t put me on the cover of Sports Illustrated this year. I don’t want a sink hole to swallow the French Quarter.”

The SP post fails to report on rumors (rumors we’re now creating, planting, and hoping to cultivate ourselves) suggesting the Madden Jinx is not only a singular and reality-based entity, but that it has secretly worked with the board of directors at British Petroleum to create a diversion campaign relieving public pressure from the oil giant, thus translating that venom and hatred into perpetual havoc and chaos leading to the release of Madden 2011.


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