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Another thought on this Vuvuzela thing.....

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First I gotta say that it's hilarious how just talking about the vuvuzela's seems to get everyone crazy let alone the horns themselves. :lol:

So to expand on the earlier post...I'll try and paint a picture...at the very least for nostalgia sake....

I'm sure lots of you have seen from time to time how somebody will post a suggestion for renaming our Defense...so picture this

Its our home game against the Saints. We win the toss and take it on our own 20yd line. Matty leads the birds on a ..lets say 13 play drive capped off with Turner pounding in our first score eating up between 5-6 minutes off the clock. We kickoff and Saints take a knee and start on there 20. Drew and company start to take the field and subsequently over the loud speakers in the Dome you hear


(Feel free to out yourself as I have if you know where this phrase comes from :lol: )

And of course you know what comes next...

This would send a clear message to our beloved nemesis of what we think of there championship status and what they can do with it. Given the general response to the vuvuzela I suspect this would catapult our rivalry to a level of hatred unmatched by any other rivalry in the league. Put in this perspective the vuvuzela might be tolerable. Anyway.....just a thought.

Lifes a game U gotta play it while U can!!!!!

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