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Johnson Became One Of Greats

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Readers of ’BAMA Magazine had the opportunity to choose four offensive linemen (in addition to center( when they chose the Alabama football Team of the Decade for the first ten years of the New Millennium (2000-2009). One of those selected was Mike Johnson of Pensacola, Fla., who played for the Crimson Tide 2006-09.

After Johnson became an established starter for Bama in 2007, he could laugh at a story from his freshman season. His mother was in a Tuscaloosa bookstore where there was an author’s signing of the book, “What It Means To Be Crimson Tide.” She picked up the book and told the author, “My son plays for Alabama, but I don’t think he knows yet what it means to be Crimson Tide.”

Alabama’s national championship in 2009 was in great part because of an outstanding offensive line, and the leader of the offensive line was Mike Johnson. He was also a team leader, elected captain of the offense.

Johnson was a first team All-America and unanimous All-SEC performer as a senior after having been All-America as a junior and All-SEC as both a sophomore and a junior.

He played a school record 54 games in his career and had 41 consecutive starts.

He started his career as a right tackle, but moved to left guard as a junior. He had two starts at left tackle his junior year.


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Thanks for the post. It's great to get info on our young guys that have yet to see an NFL playing field. It helps me get a feel for what they bring to the table. It's also nice to get guys who played in the SEC. Their level of competition was high almost every week.

The future is now.

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