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I was thinking about how much we sucked that year while watching, and also thinking about how otherwise great that year was as an NFL fan. There was so much else going on it kind of helped to ease the agony of the pitiful season we had with the Petrino and quarterback mess. I mean, you had the whole Patriots 16-0 thing that was a compelling story every week. Remember how epic the buildup to the Colts/Patriots game that year was? It was better than any regular season or playoff game I can remember. And the first Patriots/Giants game that meant literally nothing but at the same time meant everything. You had Brady and Moss going insane all year, the Chargers beating the Colts in unbelievable fashion twice, the Brett Favre rebirth story in Green bay and the NFC Championship game, the Cowboys choking again and the breakout of Eli Manning.

I remember the 2007 season very fondly despite the fact we were agonizingly bad.

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