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Happy 5th of July!


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I didn't do any celebrating yesterday, instead we've decided to do our celebrating today.

First, a big thank you to anyone who is serving in the military, past or present. Thank you for to those of you who have family serving in the military as well. My father, and both grandfathers all did 20+ years, so I've got a lot of respect for them and their families.

On this 5th of July, we've got the grill going for the ribs, chicken, and hot dogs. Potato salad, deviled eggs, baked beans, cole slaw, etc. The eating will be good.

The pool is crystal clear, the horseshoe pits are ready, and the coolers are stocked. I'm stoked.

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Guest Regular Guy

Pout, my friend, that ALL sounds just splendid! The only thing we all need now is your address, I'm sure it was just an oversight on your part. Hey, it happens to the best of us. :P

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I bet the kids hate it when you make them wait until December 26th to open presents.


He's celebrating before me though. My wife worked this weekend and has to work today & tomorrow. We've got family coming up from GA on Thursday, so we'll be almost a week late celebrating the 4th this year.

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Yes sir, was definitely a good day. Whatever the reason, you can't beat enjoying a day of lounging with good friends.

I thought we were your good friends.

5th of July? But that's the independence day of the ancient communist state of Tarteepa.

Happy belated 'Festivus for the rest of us'.

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