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Rivals 100 DE might have his mind made up

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CAPE CORAL, Fla. — Island Coast (FL) star defensive end Aaron Lynch informed The Buckeye Times on Sunday that he has officially eliminated Ohio State from his list of potential collegiate choices.

"At this point Ohio State is no longer in the running," Lynch said.

The 6-foot-5, 255 pounder said that he is getting closer to a decision and has listed four schools who are still in the running for his services.

"The teams that have caught my interest are Florida State, Notre Dame, Clemson and Florida," Lynch said. "I'm looking to commit at the end of this month or the first week of next month."

So, does the talented pass rusher have a leader as of right now? "The leader at this point is Florida State," Lynch said.

Lynch indicated that his top three priorities which will dictate where he ends up are: 1. Education. 2. His feel with the coaches. 3. Playing time/depth at defensive end.

Ohio State has already locked up two premier defensive ends for the class of 2011 in Canton McKinley's Steve Miller and Toledo Whitmer's Kenny Hayes.

Lynch finished by saying that his recruiting journey has been a great experience and he feels that all of those schools who have displayed interest have done so with class and integrity.

"I want to say every college I went to did a great job of recruiting me," Lynch said. Not one school showed negative recruiting. I respect every college (who recruited me) for that."

If we stay strong on him and land Gio Newberry...what a hellacious DL class! Very pumped for this!

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Funny thing is a month ago he said UF shouldnt even try to recruit him and he had no interest whatsoever. Then he made a visit 2 weeks ago and alot of things changed. He may well pick FSU and I think in the end he does but this one is close as of right now.

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he may "commit" to fsu, but nothing is guarantee till the LOI is signed and he shows up and campus. he may not do this, but you never know with these prima donnas

Quite true. Seems to me I remember seeing Matt Elam in a criminoles jersey earlier this year.


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