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Falcons team needs

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NFL Team Needs: NFC South

AUTHOR: joshd | IN: 2010 NFL Draft | COMMENTS: None Yet |

The newest segment for NFLMocks is the NFL Team Needs focus. We are going to bring you division by division team needs and these needs will be updated throughout the offseason and during the actual season. And after the season is said and done and free agency has settled we will have the areas your team should address when entering the 2011 NFL Draft. We encourage you to check out our 2011 NFL Draft Player Scouting Reports, 2011 NFL Draft Prospect Big Board, our 2011 NFL Mock Draft, and our 2011 NFL Draft Prospect Position Rankings.


Atlanta Falcons


Defensive Line

Utility Man



Atlanta is one of few teams that have few needs and look toward the draft to grab guys who will develop. You could say that they could afford a luxury pick. This past season was derailed by injuries, but there is still a very talented team in the dirty south. CB Dunta Robinson improves the secondary, but losing CB Chris Houston leaves a big hole across the field. 2010 5th round pick CB Dominique Franks has a lot of talent, but shouldn’t be relied on for more than spot duty for now. The Falcons have good depth players at cornerback, but a top end corner talent opposite Robinson would make them more dangerous for a team that plays New Orleans twice a year. The defensive line was pretty weak in the middle last season and a lot of hope rest on 2009 1st round pick Peria Jerry coming back healthy, but even if he comes back 100%, the defensive tackles on the roster barely average 300 pounds between the six of them. Unless the Falcons run a defensive line where quickness is valued more than size (Falcon fans can help us out with that one), a large frame heavy weight defensive tackle to stuff up the middle and allow the defensive ends could help keep John Abraham around longer. One thing I don’t really see on the roster is a good offensive utility man. Who is Atlanta’s Reggie Bush? Percy Harvin? Dexter McCluster? Matt Ryan is an elite quarterback and should be surrounded with more weapons.


I was thinking the same thing that we still needed another CB opposite Dunta if no one just steps up and really

has a lights out season. But unless Aaron Williams falls to us then I think we should go OT 1st rd. I don't want

a DE early. I believe we will get a vet DE in FA next year. We still might draft one too, but not 1st rd. DE will

be the big money FA.

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We have a "ulitliy" guy his name is Harry Douglas.

Yeah, but we'll have to see how he comes off the knee injury. Norwood should be the guy, he needs to really step up this season and stay healthy if he wants to keep his job. He's a fan favorite, but even his most die-hard supporters found their patience wearing thin. I was one of many bashing our coaching staff for not using Norwood correctly. But last season with Turner playing below par and then out, Norwood was given every chance to become the player we envisioned, and fell far short.

Hopefully with the playbook opened up we'll see Norwood implemented more in the passing game. The dude is almost uncatchable in space. I would love to see some dump-offs and screens to 'Wood that break some defender's ankles. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

That said, I can see where the guy is coming from. Weems, Douglas, and Norwood all have the capability of being utility players, but if they don't "RISE UP", we might have to look elsewhere in '11. If Jenkins doesn't, I'd like to see us getting a playmaking WR next year to complement Roddy.

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