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CFL on NFL network?

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Where abouts do you live?

I was interested to see that it wasn't on NFL Network up here.

Not that it mattered what with Canadian stations carrying it, just interesting.

And yah I'd say that was a great game for folks down south to watch. We've got some very talented players up here. The catches by Greene and Dressler(who is 5'8) were outstanding.

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That game saving 2-Point conversion catch was as good as any catch I've ever seen.

Wow....what a grab.

I've seen great catches.

...... but with the entire game on the line?

On a game-tying-overtime-2-point-conversion?

I was thinking the QB had WAY overthrew that ball.......what a stab.


I haven't watched a CFL game in years. What a way to kick off the season.

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What is it about the game you don't like?

IMO it would be hard for any football fan to not enjoy that game today.

i'll admit that today's game was **** good. the CFL does churn out good games; last year's Grey Cup is a good example. But did you see the game after? its just awful. It seems that the bad games far outweigh the good ones.

its a pass happy league. the running game is an afterthought. when there's a low scoring game its never due to great defense but terrible offensive execution or turnovers. the game flows poorly with three downs. it seems like a lot of the time you'll see a game go; pass-pass-punt, run-pass-punt, pass-pass-punt, pass-run-punt and so on. the players are worse. the quarterbacks make like one read and then panic with the ball by either running or throwing it to god knows where. the special teams are generally a joke. the tackling is very poor. the receivers dominate the defensive backs almost every game because the rules of the game don't allow for really good coverage.

and let's not forget the whole small league thing, where dynasties aren't as impressive, nor are playoff appearances nor championships. with such a small league every team should expect to win the grey cup at least once a decade. anything else is a complete and utter failure as a franchise. Every good team in the CFL eventually wins the championship, because its easy to do. Its not like in the NFL where winning the Super Bowl is a lifetime achievement; we as Falcons fans should know. In the NFL when your team loses a playoff game you're left with an emptier hole than when the same happens in the CFL because while you may be optimistic, you cannot ever be sure your team will be back next year because winning 10 games in an NFL season is so tough. Its easy as pie in the Canadian league. The Alouettes went to the grey cup 7 times in the last decade. That is because they found consistent quarterback play and franchise stability. In the NFL the Colts, Patriots, Steelers, etc find the same thing and while they have certainly been very successful this decade it is impossible to dominate an entire conference in the NFL like the Alouettes have done in the C.

I mean, EVERYONE knows Montreal will be in the grey cup. the west division is rather interesting in that aspect because all teams are competitors there. But everyone knows who the winner is playing and it will be a huge upset if it isnt montreal. Think back to some of the great teams that halfway into the year you just KNEW would be in the Super Bowl- the 03 and 04 and 07 Patriots, the 09 Colts, the 01 Rams, etc and know that it is not nearly as assured as it is for Montreal to be in the grey cup. it just removes all interest for me in half of the league.

i'll say though that there is some fine talent both on and off the field in the CFL. some players are just too small to cut it in the NFL, some just didn't get the breaks. some of the coaches are **** fine at what they do and have made their home in the CFL and would like to stay. no knocking it there.

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