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2008 Redraft


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It may be a year too soon to do this, but I was bored so I decided to do it anyway.

1. Matt Ryan: No way I change this pick. Ryan will pass for at least 3800 yards this season and 25+ TDs. I can't wait.

1. Sam Baker: I know he's injury prone, but when healthy he makes our pass blocking much better. I still have hope he can stay healthy for a whole season. Not only that, but the other option at LT is Duane Brown who has struggled in Houston.

2. Curtis Lofton: Another perfect pick.

3. Jamaal Charles: This was Chevis Jackson. Jackson was ok his rookie year but wasn't last year. He could prove me wrong, but did you see what Charles did last year on a terrible Chiefs team? Guy would replace Norwood and be much more durable.

3. Harry Douglas: I have high expectations for Douglas. I don't hold the injury against him, which is why I didn't replace him. Perfect slot/speedy guy for our offense. Now he just needs to prove to everyone else what we already think about him.

3. Thomas Decoud: Guy beasted it up last year.

5. Carl Nicks: Plays guard for the Saints and makes up the lesser half of the best guard tandem in the league. Robert James has done nothing and is easily replaced by Nicks.

5. Kroy Biermann: Another great pick.

6. Pierre Garcon: He burst on the scene last year with Peyton Manning tossing him the ball. With both him and Douglas, we would have traded Jenkins by now. He replaces Thomas Brown.

7. David Vobora: Mr. Irrelevant in real life. He started 10 games for the Rams last year at OLB. While thats not hard to do, he's also a good ST player. He reminds me of a Coy Wire Clone and would give us a valuable back up and ST player.

7. Garrett Hartley: The current kicker for the Saints. We'd stow him on the practice squad and he'd take the job once Elam started struggling last year. He replaces Zinger.

What I take from this: 2008 was a special draft. When you don't replace five of the picks, something went right. You're never going to hit on every pick, but hitting on five is insane.

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The only 3 from that draft that are bonified right now are: Ryan, Lofton, DeCoud

-Biermann was worth his spot at any rate, but needs to take 1 more step to be big time.

-Baker is OK, but extremely injury prone so far. Funny how people knock on Laurent Robinson and Norwood, but not Baker.

-HD is the man, but has to come back from a big knee injury...and he is a jukie guy, not a big dude, and certainly doesnt have elite top end speed. Hopefully he will bounce back good as new.

-Chevy was a disappointment last season, we will see how he responds to adversity.

-Zinger is valuable in Big packages and spec teams...but will be pushed this season by 2 UDFA's.

-James will be in a fight just to make the team again.

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