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Sweet sixteen: These players are on the spot to perform in 2010


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First one dude is just doomed

3. Byron Leftwich, QB, Pittsburgh-- Granted, it's a temporary position, but it could last six games, and unless he delivers, the Steelers' season could be over before suspended quarterback Ben Roethlisberger returns. Leftwich has started five games in the last three years and has been sacked 11 times, while attempting only 201 passes -- a poor ratio.

This one Speaks of # 3 meet Mr.Robinson

4. Dwayne Jarrett, WR, Carolina-- The Panthers have been patient with Jarrett, but he's only managed three starts, 33 receptions and one touchdown in three seasons. Muhsin Muhammed retired, Steve Smith broke his arm and inexperienced Matt Moore takes over at QB, making Jarrett's contributions all the more important.

This just shows hes going to be great for us!

10. Kareem Jackson, CB, Houston-- It may be too much to ask of a rookie corner to come in and replace Dunta Robinson, who left for Atlanta in the offseason. The Texans are going nowhere if they can't stop division foe Indianapolis and that means stopping Peyton Manning. Manning has beaten the Texans six straight times, completing 164 of 229 passes and 12 touchdowns over that span. You can bank on Manning going after the rookie.

I think our secondary is going to catch the "golic's & faulk's" of the world and kick their shriveled up prunes half way up there throat this season.

Thanks for listening theres nothing to see here move along.lol

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