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unlucky ciminal


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I heard this story in court today and had to share it.

Apparently, a local law enforcement officer bought her child a cell phone recently. The child starting receiving texts on the phone from someone offering to sell him pills. The person trying to sell the pills was trying to contact whover had the phone number before the child got it. They set up a buu and nust him.

After this, a detective in the same county gets a call from a state trooper telling him that he has been receiving texts from a guy trying to sell him pills. As you can guess, its the same guy trying to text whover used to have that number as well. They set him up again and bust him again.

What sre the odds of that?

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A guy that was terminally stupid. Selling pills is like just as bad as selling any other drug can be worse at times. Someone that stupid should be busted.

I had a friend that had pills, how he got them was a trip, this was a LONG time ago, this woman worked for a company that cleaned the pharmacys, you got it, they told her, hey if you ever see like valium or Lortab just snag it, this poor woman was doing it for pot, this was like hard core, if you ever seen what the pharmacists sees, their in these boxes that basically (the instructions) say if your not a pharmacist and get a hold of this how your life will be ruined. These were actually the pill bottles the pharmacists has. We'll as you can imagine she got busted. All for a little Pot. :unsure:

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