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Braves Stats Compared to Previous Seasons

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Batting Avg: Chipper .337

Homeruns: Chipper- 29

RBI's: Francouer - 105

OBP: Chipper - .425

Hits: Francouer - 188


Batting Avg: Chipper .364

Homeruns: McCann - 23

RBI's: McCann - 87

OBP: Chipper - .470

Hits: Chipper - 160


Batting Avg: Prado - .307

Homeruns: McCann - 21

RBI's: McCann - 94

OBP: Chipper - .388

Hits: Escobar - 158

2010 (so far)

Batting Avg: Prado - .340

Homeruns: Glaus - 14

RBI's: Glaus - 55

OBP: Chipper - .382

Hits: Prado - 100


No one on this team has had 100 RBI's since Frenchy was good. We are on pace to have at least two guys get 100 this season.

No one has had even 30 HR's since Andruw in '06. We might have 2 guys do it this season if Heyward gets back on track.

Prado is of course of record setting pace for hits.

This doesn't even include all of the walks our team has accounted for.

There are a lot of things that set this time apart from the previous few teams and I definitely think it's going to be playoff time again in Atlanta

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