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Ochocinco trashing the Falcons on Twitter

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Personally, I don't really care what this clown has to say; but I thought it might be of interest to some of you.

OGOchoCinco Dear all #GeorgiaPeaches, if you've a man, husband or sidepiece on the #Falcons team he will need your comforting on October 24th #Bengals

11 minutes ago via Swift

OGOchoCinco Any #Falcon players on twitter so I can tell them how I feel, after we beat the #falcons #teamgathering at @magiccityatl #bigmeechtalk

6 minutes ago via Swift

Do with that what you will...

Just in case you wondered if I replied, I did.

ACjoeyjones @OGOchoCinco After watching you guys play against the Jets, I don't think my #Falcons should be too worried. #nfl

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he plays for the freaking benGALS. who cares what he thinks. they had a good year last year, and a good draft this year. they have a solid defense, and signed antonio bryant to pair with the aging johnson. while i like their D and QB/WR's, i dont think much of their OL outside of whitworth or their running game. we play in ATL. they will go home with another loss.

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No he's doing it out of fun and it's just harmless trash talking between NFL players. Anyone who actually takes this seriously and is bothered by it doesn't get Ocho Cinco. He's one of my favorite players in the league by far.

I was looking forward to Chad - couldn't wait to see what he had in store for us on the trash talk front! Didn't expect it so early. Geez, I love this guy!

Absolutely. Yeah he's a talker, but at least someone in the NFL has got some showmanship.

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