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a look ahead at 2011 prospects

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1-ricky stanzi rd 2/3

2-greg mcelroy rd 5/6

i dont want to draft a QB in the first 5 rds, but if stanzi falls to 3 he might be too good to pass up as long as he is more consistant and shows better decision making with fewer int's as a SR. mcelroy impressed me and looked like a little more than just a game manager like parker wilson. if he lasted til rd 6 i would be all over him.


vai taua rd 7

like peyton hillis, FB that runs like a RB. heck like our very own snelling too. if he lasts until rd 7 as hillis and snelling did, i would snatch him up.


charlie gantt 3/4

he is a blocker and reciever and if there in rd 4, he's my guy.


1-nate potter rd 2

2-james carpenter rd 4/5

potter is an athletic LT prospect who took over for ryan clady. carpenter is a RT prospect that could play LT as well as start out at OG as the 9th OL until ready to face a teams best pass rusher. he excels at run blocking which is a fit and playing for alabama, we may already have an eye on him.(johnson/peek)


1-jeremy beal rd 1

there are so many good DE's in this years draft that we have to take one in rd 1. adrian clayborn may make amends, and while he could be the LDE we have been longing for, my most favorite DE is jeremy beal. we will need a RDE in place of abe before long and even though biermann will likely take over innitially, beal would be great as biermanns back up for a year or two. ryan winterswyk is another option as a 2nd rder.


1-lawrence wilson rd 3/4

he is a very productive, undersized speedy LB that could be the WLB we need to complete the trio with the future stars they have aquired thus far.


1-chris harris rd 5/6

there are a lot of guys with size in this years crop, so we could get one as early as rd 2 or as late as rd 5 where i think a guy like harris would be a steal. we could litterally take a CB anywhere unless young guys step up this year and make CB a late rd priority.

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Honestly I don't like Stanzi at all. I think Iowa's offense is really simplistic and he stares down his first read far too often, even though he is in a pro style offense. The challenge for him this year will be to prove his arm strength (most notably whether he can have good zip on his throws to the sideline) and show that he can go through more complicated progressions than just 1 read.

I know he won't go late, but I really like Christian Ponder. I think he will go in the early-mid 1st round when it is all said and done. He is poised to make FSU's offense into an extremely explosive unit again, and I think he has the arm strength, accuracy and intangibles to be a very good NFL QB. He has to prove that he is a winner this year, but I already get that vibe from him.

I haven't watched him yet, but Mike Hartline is a guy that I think could be a sleeper. I am going to watch him in the next couple of days once I have the 2009 Alabama-Kentucky game ready to watch, but I expect him to finally put it together as a senior and potentially solidify him as a 3rd-4th round pick when the draft rolls around.

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For QB, I think Jerrod Johnson is too talented to pass up if he falls to round 3-4 as he's currently projected to. I'd go and even say he's one of the most talented QB and to be honest, despite not playing in a pro-style offense, I think he will give GMs something to think about in the first round.

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