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Nick O'Leary cuts his list, and doesn't have FSU on it. Very odd

Mr Pickle1

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That is very odd, I thought FSU would be in his top 4, at the least. And why is UGA still in there? Either he's wanting to make a major surprise move, or he's already got his heart set on Bama, and just picked 3 random filler schools.

I think that article is wrong. Looks like whoever wrote that didn't bother to read the entire article (I don't subscribe to scout, so I can't read it either), but those 4 are just schools he visited recently. This quote gives a little more insight:

Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, and Tennessee had Nick O'leary on their campus last week and two of those schools are in his top four

I'm guessing as Cody pointed out, FSU/UM are the other 2. I see him at FSU personally. Great athlete though, would love to see him at UGA, but don't see it happening.

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You guys are right. I did not read it closely. He actually said, " Alabama, Miami, Florida State, and North Carolina are my top four.”

Thanks for reading LHB. When you notice mistakes in future do not hesitate to let me know.

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