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So what does Trey Lewis have to do to get proper credit & attention?...

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I happened to be checking AJC for anything Falcons related last week. Back here in Kansas, af.com & AJC seem to be the best sources to get info about the team. I ran into the group of photos from annual fishing outing the Falcons have with wounded military vets from Iraq & Afghanistan at Van Pugh Park North on Lake Lanier.

I was kinda surprised to find out our Kansas boy, Trey Lewis, pulled in the big one. Looks like his 18" catfish was the big one of the day. But when I looked at the pictures & the text, I was even more surprised. In every photo AJC got it wrong. They can't seem to tell the difference between Trey Lewis & Thomas Johnson. Sure they credited Trey with the catch, but they never got it the faces right.

I guess I'm surprized nobody got it right. Does anyone at the AJC know who's who on the Falcons? Is anyone in the Communications office checking the media about Falcons related stories? Boy, I think I'm missing J. Michael Moore already. :)

Here's the link to the photos if anyone's interested, http://projects.ajc.com/gallery/view/sports/falcons/falcons-photos-veterans/.

We're still proud of him back home & can easily recognize him in a crowd. ;)

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i have no idea whats going on with trey, havnt hear anyone talk about him in an interview or nothing. that makes me think he might not make the team this year, even with babs pending suspension. I think thomas johnson is a good depth or late rotational player, and if smitty likes vance walker, then trey might be left out with the DTs looking like Bab, Jerry, Corey, Johnson, Vance, Jamaal.

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he needs another 1 hand interception at the line of scrimage. great player if he can stay healthy. size and speed apparantly with hands too! he started 9 games where all opponents never rushed for over a hundred yards consecutavily in 07 and came up with a pic. so thats why he is still lingering even though he has had injury problems ( mostly from the CIA)( pushing him down a flight of stairs). but yea! he has potential as long as he has maintained a healthy diet and his knees aren't gone completely

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