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Got to respect someone that really puts their money ($20M) into something that they believe in so much when others tell him no thanks. I had heard Kevin Costner's name come up several times in regards to the oil slick but had no idea what his angle or contribution was, so I did some checking and found that he is way ahead of the curve on this present issue.

Costner makes some very good points throughout his testimony, some of which addresses both the corporate and government apologists - You know that ones that can only blame the corporation or gov't and vice versa. The corporations have repeatedly refused to take voluntary measures such as developing their own solutions for cleanup or investing into developments from other companies while the government which has mandated so many other 'safety' measures in the energy industry hasn't done anything towards clean up beyond telling BP in this case to hurry up.

I don't have a clue as to how effective this machinery will be but it will definitely be put to the test. Here's the company that develops the equipment. OTS . Looks promising.


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