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If there is a 2011 strike, fans may need to field a team.


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Ok, given there's no agreement for 2011, and there is absolutely NO news in Falcon land, I thought now would be a good time to start planning ahead.

Choose either a position on Offense or Defense, or one of each based on your particular build or physical talents.

I'm 6'1, 240- I could get up to 260 if I put all my time into strength training. When I was still playing rugby I ran a 4.9 40- I figure I could get it down into the mid 4.7s with some speed training.

I have always been a sure tackler, but I'm not so confident defending the pass, so I figure I could play MLB- maybe DE if I was able to put on that weight.

When carrying the ball, I always have looked to create contact. There's no blocking in rugby, however. If I could pick up blocking, I could be a FB. Otherwise, I'd be used primarily as a short yardage RB.

Alright. Let's put this team together.

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I'm 5'9 145 pounds soaking wet and too quiet and laid back to be a coach. Do you need a towel boy? Which one of you will be the coach, I can be the pone who holds your head set and clipboard!

Can you play the Drums maybe you can be in the Drumline, at least you can put on a Jersey LOL

I am going to be a slow a** LB

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I can play End, Guard, or Tackle

As long as that means End of the bench, Guard the water bucket, tackle anyone messing with the water bucket.

BUT I'm jealous of "Jes2400" driving the injury cart he'll get the most TV time.

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