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DE Jonathan Freeny

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This is who I have as a 4th rd pick in my early mock. As I stated in my mock he needs to get bigger and we need

to get him in the 2011 draft so we can groom him for a good 2-3yrs. and he will be ready after that.

DE Jonathan Freeny: No. 99 (6-3, 250)

An explosive pass rusher who really coils up into his stance well and can fire off the snap. Possesses a lean, rangy body with long arms, but needs to do a better job of getting off the snap count more consistently. Improved as the season went on, but when this guy gets off the ball on time he’s very tough for opposing tackles to reach off the edge. Now, he’s still learning how to use his hands, as he consistently only extends his left hand into blocks when trying to flatten out around the corner. However, he does exhibit good body control when dropping his pad level and accelerating around the edge. But, needs to do a better job of keeping his pad level down initially into blocks, as too often he exposes his chest, doesn’t use his hands well to keep himself clean and allows blockers to get into his frame and dictate to him on contact.

Is more of a linear pass rusher at this stage who has the first step to fire up the field inside of opposing tackles and create initial penetration. But again, gets upright the further he has to fight his way though a block and eventually can be anchored against. Now, he does have the body control to cleanly change directions and accelerate, which is evident when asked to stunt, but he just doesn’t have a real grasp on any type of counter move at this stage and is just more of a one-trick pony right now. Lacks power vs. the run game and can be easily sealed/driven off the ball when run at. As of now, doesn’t seem like a guy capable of playing as an every-down defensive lineman and looks more like a nickel rusher only at this stage.

Impression: Has the kind of first step that can’t be ignored, as he knows how to reach the edge and put pressure on the corner. However, he needs to develop some type of counter move and continue to work on getting off the snap count on time. But could end up finding a role at the next level as a pass-rushing specialist in either a 3-4 or 4-3 scheme.


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