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Could the expansion of the Big 10, Pac-10, SEC lead to a playoff system?

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Can all this expansion lead to a playoff system that still has Bowl games?

My Scenario:

If the three big conference SEC, Pac-10, and Big 10, expand to 16 teams. They could have the Top 2 teams from each conference into the playoff system. All the other conference submit their top team. Best of the independents gets in. That's a 14 teams playoff system. This is play during December football droughts. Final two teams in the playoff will be playing for National Championship.

For the BCS Bowl:

First 4 teams out of the playoff go to a non-bcs bowls. The rest will be randomize into the best possible match up.

For the Non Bowl games:

Normal selection.

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I think it could (and should). This was my scenario in another thread.

If we get to 3 super-conferences, I would really like to see a 4th added. It wouldn't be the dominating power that the other 3 are in football, but could probably hang in basketball.

With 4 super-conferences, it would be much easier to implement a football playoff. All conferences have 16 teams, divided into 2 sub-conferences with 2 divisions in each sub-conference (kinda like having an AFC North & AFC Central with an NFC North & Central). Play all the teams in your division and rotate with another division & that is 7 games. Play 2 more games with "traditional rival" from the other 2 divisions. That gives 9 conference games and allows for 2 out of conference games.

Then the playoff starts. Top 4 teams from each conference division play each other (16 teams total). Winners of the divisional round play each other for the conference championship. That leaves 4 conference champs going to a national playoff. Rotate games every year, but for example, SEC vs. Big 16 (formerly 10) & Pac-16 vs 4th super-conference. The 2 winners play for the National Title.

Bowls games can still be used for other teams. Sugar Bowl hosts the SEC Championship, Rose the Pac-16 championship game, Cotton the Big-16, and Orange the 4th conference game. Rotate the National playoff & championship game locations like they do the Final Four every year.

Maybe a 4th conference of (would be dominating in basketball):


North Carolina

NC State


U Conn

Boston College

West Va



Kansas St


Texas Tech

Georgia Tech

Iowa St


South Florida

That would assume Clemson, FSU, Oklahoma, & Virginia Tech to the SEC.

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