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My Rant against the Westboro Baptist "Church"


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I am commenting on your views... As a former Soldier that Volunteered to go to Iraq and not only fight the enemy but help the Men, Women, and Children there, you could say I have noticed your Anti Military views... That is your right though, as you are not reading this message in German or Japanese thanks to the Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, and Airmen that defended your right to speak before you were born during WW2, and the troops that have continued to do so since...

Your issues with the Men and Women that have served or currently serve this nation and your protests are basically like a mosquito bite to us... It goes away real quick... Your effect on the people that wear the uniform is beyond laughable... I don't know whether any of you actually served in the Military, but I am guessing no...

Holding up signs saying "Thank God For IED'S and Dead Soldiers"... SERIOUSLY??? That's the best you can do??? Having been to Iraq and having seen the good and the bad, I want to ask you a simple question... Would you hold up a "Dead Soldier" sign if you knew that Soldiers built a brand new playground for Iraqi children, some that didn't even know a slide or a swingset existed???

Would you hold the sign when you heard the Soldiers evacuated a little girl and her mother to a safe combat support hospital in Baghdad after the little one was thrown down the stairs by a big tough insurgent??? She lived by the way, thanks to the USA... Would you hold the sign knowing that an entire city was provided with fresh water by Soldiers... A city that has kids running through streets flooded with raw sewage???

You are nothing but wanna-be insurgents, and like wanna-be gangsters, you are merely a minor blip on our radar screen.... So if you want to flip that flag upside down, there is plenty of international flights that will carry you out of town... As far as "God Hates Fags", do you have any proof??? I could personally give a flying rat's *** if some guy is gay, as long as he knows I'm not and just lives a normal life (Unlike you people)...

I have a few gay friends, and I don't understand why they are, it just doesn't make sense to me, but I'm not going to hold up a sign basically saying that GOD likes me more... What maturity level, or more correctly, what grade level have you passed??? I wouldn't put it past Junior High... I don't know who God Hates, if he does, because I haven't met him... But my guess would be it isn't the Military or people that choose to live a different lifestyle... Maybe it's closed minded IDIOTS... Like the Westboro Baptist "CHURCH"

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Thank you for your service, first of all. I did my time during the first gulf war, which pales in comparison to what our young men and women are going thru during this era.

Second, it's commendable that you have spoken out against the ignorant bigoted Phelps family of the westboro baptist church. I'm not entirely sure you are aware just how twisted and ignorant that family is, however. The reason they protest at soldiers funerals is becuase they believe that America is being punished for being "fag" enablers and supporters; something that they believe is strictly a violation of their biblical god's command. They claim to protest in order to make people see how wrong the rest of us are so that we can be saved in the eyes of their god. But in reality, they think they are the only ones on the planet who truly deserve to be saved and are just paying lip service to the rest of us in order to make themselves feel better.

These people are a perfect example of the worst case scenario of what religious dogma and willful ignorance can lead to. For anyone that doubts if blind faith can be harmful, all you need do is take one look at this family and those doubts should immediately vanish.

If you want to know more about this family, there is an excellent documentary presented by the BBC's Louis Theroux entitled, "Most Hated Family In America," that I'll post here:

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And then a wonderful follow up story where Nate Phelps, son of Pastor Fred Phelps, describes his early upbringing in this family, his escape by running away on his 18th birthday, and his later conversion to atheist later in life, and his currect battle against the other members of his family that still support the Westboro Baptist Church. This is a 6 part video series that I think is well worth watching - "Nate Phelps: The Grayness Of Life."

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