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Recruiting Preview and some pieces of info.


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This is a big weekend for UGA and not many camps if any will have the collection of talent that UGA has in Athens this weekend. It's one of the best camps in the country.

I will provide some info on who is visiting and a few tidbits:

1. Jeoffrey Pagan will be visiting this weekend. We are in better shape than many believe with him. Christian Lemay has been recruiting him pretty hard. He is a soft commit to the Gators. I hope we can turn him.

2. Stephone Anthony is another north carolina guy who will be in town on Friday. Do we have a chance? Whenever you get a guy on campus you have a chance. Some are saying we have a good chance with Stephone, but for me I have to see it to believe it. This has come out of no where.

3. The list for this weekend is continuing to develop. Nick O'leary, Charone Peake, Zach Debell, Watts Dantzler, Christian Lemay, Kris Frost (coming down with Lemay), Kyle Harris, Hunter Long (fyi watts and david andrews want him to get an offer bad, hint hint on watts), Chris Milton among many others who I will add to this thread when I hear about them. It's going to be an amazing june camp.

4. We have some June visits of Kent Turene and Rashad Greene.

5. We must be full at WR (meaning a possible silent) since we have stopped talking to a number of wrs we have on our offer list.

6. James Vaughters will be leaving the state imo and it's stanford or ohio state.

7. Jarvis Jones may be on campus this weekend. Things are being kept very quiet on him, but fsu leads and uga right now has a chance. If I had to guess right now I would say fsu, but like i said it's been quiet on what is going on with this.

8. Nick Marshall's commitment came out of no where. He was a GT silent and then he changed his commitment to UGA and it helped that UGA reoffered him as a DB. That was a big part of getting him to commit. Nick Marshall is the best athlete in the state of georgia and if he isn't he would be second to Malcolm Mitchell. I think Nick Marshall's commitment means that chris milton may not get that offer many thought he would. Nick's commitment means a lot to uga on the basketball side. He will be very impt in bringing in 5 star and one of the best players in the country in caldwell. Mark Fox offered Malcolm Brogdon #71 4 star player in the country and he will be a dawg before the end of summer IMO. So right now we have 2 of the best instate basketball players in the state and very well could be adding another in caldwell. We sit very well for royal as well. This 2011 basketball recruiting class is really shaping up into something great.

9. For as funny as many thought of the dream team concept it is working and if a few fall this weekend our top 100 pull gets even stronger. Also right now besides vaughters uga sits at the top of is heavily involved in all top 15 players in georgia and we have a chance to get 18 to 20 of the top 30 instate (we already have 10 of the top 30). I will post a link to an article please tell me if you can read it:

Hard Hats Required

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Thanks for the updates Sac! This is great news.

I'm still in shock we landed Marshall. I'm even more in shock he was a silent to GT. This is a great pickup for both the football and basketball teams. It's awesome to have an athlete of his size in the secondary.

I love the momentum, and I have a feeling it's just going to keep rolling. This class is shaping up to be something special.

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yeah i laughed pretty hard on that one..

Ya i was very suprised at all the 3 stars we had like Conley, herrera, Bowmen.. With all the talk of Georgia having 30-40 four stars in the state, it was a real shock to see.. Im banking on this being the earliest evaluation rankings and they should go up going into next year

Not like stars makes them any better, just nice to look at hah

But thanks for the update Sac!

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From what Ive heard on Pagen I will be very,very surprised if he goes anywhere but UF. Not saying there is no chance because that never true but his coach is making alot more noise and saying alot more about him being open than Jeff is making himself.

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Is Tuitt going to be at UGA this weekend? I know GT was hoping he would be there, but he is not going to be, apparently. Him coming to UGA instead would be a nice sign...

tuitt was at uga this past week for the 7 on 7.. i don't know yet, but if he does come it's a great thing.. i think he goes to gt, his mom can't get over tech coaches selling them on 1 in 6 graduates are millionaires.. :lol:

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