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Falcons announced they signed 3rd rounder Corey Peters.


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Is it Peters' birthday? Cause I don't see how signing a 3rd round pick that was eventually gonna be signed anyway as a great gift for you lol. Maybe if we had just signed a top dollar free agent.

Yes its Peters b-day... signing a player is not a b-day gift for me....

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Yeah how awesome would it be if all this Jerry talk has been very not neccesary. Because that the injury has been so hush hush i would be thrilled if he somehow happened to be 100% by season starts.

I have no idea what to think at this point, but i do think there is a possibility that the injury isn't as serious.

Mods can delete my thread. Jbo had his up first.

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A break down of the contract, FYI.

Falcons sign third rounder Peters

June 8th, 2010 Pudge Leave a comment Go to comments

Corey Peters

DT Corey Peters

The Falcons announced the signing of third round pick Corey Peters. Per a National Football Post report, Peters agreed to a four-year deal worth $2.557 million, including a $767,000 signing bonus.

Peters was the second of seven draft picks taken by the Falcons this past April, and is the first to sign a contract.

According to NFP, his base salaries are: $320,000 (2010); $405,000 (2011); $490,000 (2012); and $575,000 (2013). He has an escalator clause in the fourth year of the contract that could make it worth up to $3.295 million.

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