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Mike Wilbon: Out of the Loop of Atlanta


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So I'm watching PTI on Friday and I see "BRAVES" on the list to the right and I decide to listen to what they have to say. It's J.A. Adande and Mike Wilbon (no Kornheiser = I'll watch).

They get to Braves and the question is: "The Braves current 9 game winning streak is ______?"

Wilbon says "nostalgic. It is reminiscent of the Bobby Cox Era with Maddux, Smoltz, and Glavine. They are doing it on pitching."

<Bobby Cox still managers here, Mike.>

Then Adande answers the same question with "Glaussy. This guy has come back and surprised a lot of people. He's the NL player of the month..."

Wilbon goes on about how he'd be excited to watch the Braves this summer on TBS.

<TBS hasn't shown Braves games for 3.5 years now>

He CONTINUES to say how he would love watching the Braves on TBS and listening to Chip Caray.

Adande rambles on about how Wilbon is being too optimistic about the Braves, and Wilbon drops a bomb that nobody at ESPN caught. He says "Sorry, I didn't mean Chip Caray, I meant SKIP CARAY."

<Skip Caray died 1.5 years ago: RIP.>

I called two friends and told them about it and they couldn't believe he said all that. This is a guy that gets paid to "report" on sports and discuss them.

Then I see "ERRORS" and wait to see if they fix some mistakes that Wilbon said. Yep, it was said that the "Bobby Cox Era still exists since he is still coaching." No mention of the Braves not playing on TBS. But what really grinds my gears is they didn't catch the mistake of Wilbon mentioning Skip Caray.

Do you think they would have missed the same slip up if, say, Wilbon said he wanted to watch the Phillies and hear Harry Kalas call the game?

See, when Skip passed there was very little coverage on it. I remember ESPN barely mentioned it (gotta get to that Yankees/Red Sox footage). So because they didn't discuss it on every show or put it on the front page of their website or, dare I say, on their magazine, a lot of people missed that information... including Mike "All Things Chicago" Wilbon.

This is the same man that said Atlanta has the worst fans in sports... but doesn't do one bit of research on it. He simply regurgitates what has been fed to him. This was more than apparent by Friday's PTI. I will no longer listen to this guy since he is a hack. Makes me question ESPN (even further) since nobody caught that error either.

Skip Caray called games here for almost 40 years. He might not be important enough to remember by ESPN, but Atlanta sure misses him. That's three generations that grew up on his announcing.


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