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2010 Scheduling Breaks: Considerations During the Down Time

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Week 1: We play the Steelers 1) w/o Ben 2) during fair weather in Pittsburgh and 3) Polamalu . . . . well, we don't really know whether his knee will be stronger as the season goes on so we are catching a break, or he will re-injure it and be out by the time the Steelers play the Saints week 8.

Week 2: Cardinals at home. 1) Good to catch Leinart (or whoever) early 2) The Cardinals play in KC the week before which is not a bad road trip for them, but it still limits their recovery a little going from Central time zone, to west, then back to east.

Week 3: Saints in N.O.: The single biggest scheduling break of the season is that the Saints play in San Francisco on MNF in Week 2. Playing on a short week after MNF is always tough, but it's a lot tougher when you are flying back from the West Coast. The Falcons will be in their homes early Sunday evening. The Saints will be in their homes . . . . Tuesday mid morning? Even playing in N.O. I love the day and a half additional recovery.

Week 4: 49'ers in Atlanta. No big deal except that, like the Cardinals in Week 2, the 49'ers will be coming off a road trip to Kansas City. Lots of travel for them.

Week 5: @ Browns . . . If you have to go to Cleveland, probably better to do it October 10 than Nov. or Dec.10th.

Week 6: @ Eagles: SECOND biggest break of the season: The Eagles play on SUNDAY Night Football in . . . SAN FRANCISCO WEEK 5. LOTS of travel, slightly shortened week. It can't be fun to get on a cross country flight around midnight after a football game.

Week 7: Bengles at home: After their bye week so that's not good. But probably better than the Saints going to Cincinnati in December.

Week 8: Bye . . . nice to have it later this year.

Week 9: Bucs at home after our bye, plus the Bucs play a 4pm game in St. Louis week 8. So that helps a little maybe.

Week 10: Ravens at home on Thursday.

Week 11: @Rams, We shouldn't need help, but for the third time, we play a team that played in San Francisco the week before! And we'll have the extra rest from playing Thursday night.

Week 12: Packers at home: Except for the obvious home field advantage, no edge or very slight disadvantage because our Rams game is at 4:

Week 13: @ Bucs No edge either way

Week 14: @ Panthers: Once again, we play a team coming off a west coast trip. Panthers play in Seattle week 12 (4pm of course)

Week 15: @ Seahawks. Super long flight for us . . . Once again (this is 4), we face a team after they play in San Francisco, but obviously this time it doesn't help us.

Week 16: Saints at home ON MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL: So the Saints get us after OUR long west coast trip . . . except the sting is taken off the trip because of the extra day (for both teams) I think that's a pretty good break versus playing a Sunday afternoon game after a west coast trip.

Week 17: Panthers at home: This is our biggest screw job of the season. We have a short week after MNF, the Panthers have a week and a half after a Thursday night game. they won't have anything to play for (or we've already locked up home field advantage throughout the playoffs!

Obviously, the travel aspect is not that big of a deal. But they say that it takes one day to recover for every time zone you cross.

OK . . . playing the Steelers without Ben R is obviously the biggest break we have over the Saints and Panthers . . . . but I don't think the travel edge we get playing in Philly and N.O. should be overlooked.

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But the schedule has been a huge excuse all off season. Now that the schedule is easier there is no way Atlanta doesn't win at least 14 games this season

I dont understand how anyone can say last years Falcons schedule wasnt absolute garbage. 4 teams coming off their bye? Whens the last time that happened AND having a week 4 bye. Thats just horrible

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But the schedule has been a huge excuse all off season. Now that the schedule is easier there is no way Atlanta doesn't win at least 14 games this season

finally, someone with an iota of intelligence. why dont u jump off that cowgirls wagon and come be a falcons fan?

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Good analysis! I agree that even a small break here and there can give the birds an extra win or two.

We all know the Saints games are critical, but beyond that:

Toughest game - at the Ravens

Need to win - week 1 at the Steelers

Easiest win - the Bucs after our bye week

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Toughest game - at the Ravens

We actually play the Ravens in our house, but i agree it is the 'toughest' game we play this season, at least on paper anyway. But it is only the beginning of a dangerous 7 game stretch for us.

The toughest stretch will be weeks 12-14. At the Bucs, at the Panties and at Seattle. A three game road stretch that might look easy but i feel it is far from it. The Ravens game is week 10. We play ONE home game between that and week 16: week 12 at home against the Green Bay Packers. That is over a month on the road playing teams that will probably be playing thier best football of the year and will more than likely have nothing to lose. If we have the opportunity to rest any of our starters this would be the ideal time to do so. We come off that brutal road stretch to play the Saints in our house on Monday Night Football for what could be the deciding game for a division crown.

So, thats 3 Home games in those 7 games: The Ravens, the Packers and the Saints. Not easy at all.

If we start the season slow, it could mean trouble.

Getting through this mid-season stretch without incurring any major injuries or confidence-blowing losses is critical. And it all starts with the Ravens.

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I guess Boy Troy was healthy in the Pittsburgh game.

But the Cardinals were obviously flat, and the travel from KC to AZ to ATL probably did not help.

Let's see how things play out in N.O.

It's good to see the Saints in a battle tonight late in SF. Certainly don't want anyone hurt, but it's good for us that Gay and Bush will have a short week.

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