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Turner props

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Synopsis: Turner is this one dudes #1 fantasy pick, especially because he is better shape this season. Other dude hates on him because of his 370+ carry season in 2008.

which is crazy considering he totally disregarded the dropoff RBs have after a 2000 yard season

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The curse of 370 guy must not have watched Turner run like a beast for those few weeks up until the injury.

I was thinking that Michael Fabiano made a good argument, however he based it on past running backs who never got back at 100% or above, from when they had the 370+ carries which is ultimately only a stat ^^.

He (MF) also mentioned 3 exceptions of RB's who succeeded to get on par or better after 370+ carries, cant remember em all but it was Emmit Smith, Ladanian Tomlinson and a 3rd. So ultimately, who's not to say that Turner isnt joining those 3, making a mock of 370 and get on par or better than in '08?

I think he will.

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For the life of me I have never understood the concept of "Fantasy Football". Now, don't get me wrong but aren't there better fantasies? You have NCAA Football and the NFL with the greatest team to support, the Atlanta Falcons. Personally I don't have all that extra time.

Someone please make a case and explain this to me.

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