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Predictions for the new season


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I find the predictability of the predictions somewhat bemusing. As the number of posts I have made suggests, I am a relative newcomer to the NFL, so perhaps I'm missing something, but a couple of things I have noticed:

1) I've been doing some mock fantasy drafts, and if you pick anyone slightly out of kilter with the rankings, all the other participants think you're crazy.

2) I've just done my ranking of the 32 teams on the NFL network, only to be presented with the 'experts' picks. To say it's safe and obvious is an understatement - Colts & Saints 1 & 2??

I looked at the 2008 and 2009 divisions and found that only 2 divisions finished in the same order. They were AFC West, which I could see happening again, and NFC west, which I think could change this year with the Cardinals losing Warner, as well as 49ers and Seahawks looking a bit stronger. Apart from the Chargers and Cardinals, the Vikings were the only other team to win their division both years. And yet who do the experts pick as their top 8? Pretty much the same divisional winners as last season...

Is it the case that this season genuinely looks like being a repeat of last, or are the 'experts' just not really very good at what they do?! I accept that a team like the Colts, built around such a consistent quarterback like Manning are always going to be there or thereabouts, but people are starting to say the same about the Saints. Which is obviously a bit of a concern, haha. Whilst Brees might be top class, why did the Saints finish bottom of NFC South the prior year?

I guess I should put some of my own predictions on here for people to slate, so here goes:

Superbowl Winners - Baltimore Ravens.

(Slight) Surprise package - San Francisco 49ers - biggest problem last year was O-Line and QB. They've drafted to try and sure up the Offensive Line, and this will be the first season Smith has had the same offensive co-ordinator two seasons on the trot, and his college coach has said he only starts to play well once he knows the system. With the Cardinals on the backfoot, NFC West is there for the taking.

Falcons - Optimistic about the season ahead, though a bit concerned that we could lose a couple of games early if Jerry is out, Babineaux is suspended and Robinson is still getting used to the system. Saints were good last year, but a bit lucky towards the end of last season, I certainly don't think they've got enough to win it again - presumably last year everyone thought the Steelers were certs for the playoffs and looked what happened. Panthers are a difficult one, even though they've lost Peppers and Delhomme, Stewart and Williams are a pretty awesome duo, and Moore really stepped up to the plate at the end of last year. Tampa Bay will be tougher but think they have too many areas of weakness to properly turn their fortunes around.

Hmmm didn't intend for this to be such a long post...

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