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Offensive lineman Quinn Ojinnaka has been suspended for one game for violating the league's personnal conduct policy.


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Offensive lineman Quinn Ojinnaka has been suspended for one game for violating the league's personnal conduct policy.


I'm reporting NFL is suspending ATL OL Quinn Ojinnaka season opener w out pay for arrest last year. Yes, he's one of falc's we train.

I guess no news on Babs is good news.

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Last May, Falcons offensive lineman Quinn Ojinnaka was arrested for allegedly fighting with and spitting at his wife, after Ojinnaka's wife confronted him regarding a female friend on his Facebook page.

Ojinnaka claimed at the time that she had tried to stab with him a pen. She claimed that he "threw her on some stairs before tossing her out of the house."

Ojinnaka was charged with simple battery. Now, Jay Glazer of FOX reports that Ojinnaka has been suspended for a game by the NFL for violating the Personal Conduct Policy.

The move implies strongly that Ojinnaka eventually pleaded guilty or no contest to the charges. It's also possible that he entered a diversion program, which also sets the table for potential discipline.

Ojinnaka is one of the Falcons players to whom Glazer supplied MMA training during the offseason. It's unknown whether they are also Facebook friends.

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Quinn Ojinnaka suspended for a game for Facebook fracas

4:50 pm June 3, 2010, by D. Orlando Ledbetter

FLOWERY BRANCH — Falcons offensive lineman Quinn Ojinnaka was suspended without pay for one game by the NFL for violation of the league’s personal conduct policy.

He will sit out the season opener against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sept. 12.

“Ojinnaka’s suspension begins on Saturday, September 4,” according to a statement released Thursday by the NFL. “He is eligible to return to the Falcons’ active roster on Monday, September 13 following the team’s September 12 game against the Pittsburgh Steelers.”

Ojinnaka, a fourth-year reserve drafted out of Syracuse in the fifth round of 2006, was charged with simple battery by Gwinnett County police.

Police said Ojinnaka’s wife confronted him about contact with a female friend on Facebook. Police said he tossed her down some stairs and threw her out of their house in Suwanee.

Ojinnka got into a fight with his wife over an argument about his Facebook page in May of 2009. He told police that she started the fight by attemtping to stab him with a pen.

Ojinnaka was arrested and charge with misdemeanor battery.

Ojinnaka, who started five games at right guard last season, may participate in all preseason practices and games.

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I didn't like him starting last year, but don't you think we can do worse than him as far as a back-up RG? I didn't think he played particularly badly in the games he started last year (which surprised me back then), so maybe he has some worth after all.

I dont think he has any worth because we can use Garrett Reynolds as our backup RT/RG this year....

I felt like his roster spot was already in danger.....

OK we have the 5 starters.... Then we know Mike Johnson, Joe Hawly, Garrett Reynolds, and Will Svitek ... We are not going to carry no more then 8 or 9 O-Lineman on the 53 man roster......

It doesnt look good for Mr.Facebook

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