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Some Falcons Rookie Analysis

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Some scouting reports from the National Football Post that I have not seen posted.

Corey Peters

Scouting Reports

Peters possesses a good first step off the snap and uses his length and hands to keep himself free from blocks. He has the initial burst to shoot gaps inside and displays above-average closing speed in pursuit. He exhibits a powerful arm-over move on contact that he uses his slip blocks in the pass game and has the lateral quickness to cleanly disengage on contact. He displays natural flexibility off the snap and can sit into his stance and anchor one-on-one on contact. He does a nice job remaining balanced through contact and fighting his way to the ball. Peters showcases good range when asked to play the piano down the line. But he lacks ideal overall girth and can be washed out and overwhelmed easily vs. the double team. He isn't the most instinctive lineman and lacks ideal awareness. He has a tendency to get late jumps off the ball. He works hard in pursuit but has a tendency to take too many plays off. He fails to showcase the same amount of effort and burst snap to snap and gets lazy at times. When his motor is on, he's a bear to block inside and looks like a potential starting defensive tackle at the next level. However, he takes off his share of plays on the inside.

Mike Johnson

Scouting Reports

Johnson is a natural bender who fires off the ball low and does a nice job of gaining initial leverage on contact. He creates a good initial jolt off the snap and has the power to create a push in the run game. Johnson does a great job of remaining balanced into blocks while keeping his pad level down throughout the play. He exhibits good placement at the point and has the body control to turn defenders away from the ball. He showcases good lateral agility in pass protection and possesses the body control and lateral quickness to slide his feet and stay on blocks through contact. Johnson does a good job of generating power from his lower half and walking defenders away from the play by consistently getting his hands under the chest plate of defenders. However, he can get a bit overextended at times and lacks the fluidity to redirect and stay on his man's counter-move.

Dominique Franks

Scouting Reports

A tall, long corner who reads the action well in front of him and has a nose for the ball, Franks possesses an explosive first step for his size and does a great job of clicking and closing when he's able to squat on routes. He looks most comfortable when throws are in front of him and showcases impressive closing speed and ball skills when jumping routes. But he isn't technically sound in his drop and routinely gets too high in off-coverage and will open up his hips prematurely. He showcases some natural balance initially in his back-pedal, but struggles to get back out of his breaks once he opens his hips. Franks is consistently forced to regain his balance when trying to close. But he does have natural body control and the ability to stop on a dime and work back toward the ball once he gets his hands on the receiver. Franks showcases good straight-line speed and has the ability to open up his hips and track the ball vertically. He exhibits excellent ball skills in coverage and showcases the coordination to consistently adjust his body to the play and break on the pass. He likes to keep his eyes in the backfield but will get caught ball-watching and has a tendency to lose track of his man in coverage. He's blown his share of assignments during his time at Oklahoma and needs to pay more attention to detail. Franks isn't a physical tackler, is long-armed and does a nice job playing off blocks, but he doesn't generate much power on contact and is more of a drag-down guy. Overall, he's a gifted size/speed corner who can close on the ball in front of him. But he isn't a technically sound corner, struggles to keep his feet under him and needs a lot of work in order to hold up in man coverage at the next level. His playing style reminds me a lot of former Buccaneers first-round pick Aqib Talib.

Kerry Meier

Scouting Reports

A big, coordinated target who does a great job keeping his concentration downfield and high-pointing the ball, Meier exhibits excellent hands and has the ability to contort his body. He consistently comes down with the ball. He does a great job working himself free when plays break down, and he consistently is able to find soft spots in coverage. But he's lacking as an athlete and struggles to fire off the snap. He seems to lumber into his routes. He doesn't showcase the explosion to separate out of his breaks vs. man coverage on the outside and isn't a guy who can get behind defenders vertically. But he uses his body well to shield defenders from the ball and consistently is able to extend his long arms and pluck the ball away from his frame. Meier is a former quarterback who has a feel for the pass game and knows how to sell his routes. He displays deceiving short-area quickness for his size. He can gain a step, then use his size to do the rest. He doesn't have the athletic ability to make a living on the outside and beat press coverage at the next level. But I love his hand/eye coordination and ability to go up and get the ball. He looks like a big slot guy who can come on the field and move the chains on third down.

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And something on Nance from "The Draft Guys"...

17. Dmitri Nance - Arizona State, 5’10” 219 lbs. - Nance is a powerful runner that runs with a good pad level - keeping his knees high and his shoulders low which makes him more difficult to tackle. He has more burst than you would expect a man his size to have, and he delivers punishment to anyone trying to tackle him. Nance shows a great start/stop move in the hole that most big backs can’t make. He doesn’t lose all of his momentum when changing direction, and keeps his piston-like legs moving to churn out the tough yards after contact. He’s more than a big man that is hard to tackle, he runs with “pop” and has an aggressive (mean) attitude when it comes to running the football. Nance also had a good spin move and is light on his feet.

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