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FALCO Kicks Back With Some Offseason Down Home Blues


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Feel free to add a verse or two if you like. I'm a big blues fan and have been wanting to do this one for a long time,...and now is the perfect time!

Hope you like it!


P.S. COMING SOON...my own website where you can purchase high quality poster prints (13" x 19") of my cartoons at a very reasonable price. Stay tuned!

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We got jbo still givin us reports

The hot weather has got the women in shorts

Oh we got the offseason blues

Where players are working hard at the Branch

The fans are trying to snap out of the offseason trance

The long waiting for football makes me want to pull out all my hairs

But no need to worry, I just watch :11 seconds where Matt Ryan kills 53 bears

Oh we got the offseason blues

Coach Smith is still yelling at Bryant and Hall

The Falcons are going to be on top in 2010 and the rest will fall

But lets just hope that training camp gets here soon

I just can't wait till the first game on that September afternoon

Oh we got the offseason blues!

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With Dem Off Season Blues

Ya got nothing on the line to lose

Just waiting for da rooks to start paying up some dues..

Da NFL reruns we forced to watch

waiting for the rulef for Hochuli botch and

his guns aint nuthin for you to choose.

Oh lawdy lawdy lawdy I gots dem off season blues

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Well I can't wait to suit up

And grab my Hick'ry Stick

I'm gonna do me some thumpin'

And teach some old dawgs new tricks

They say the Aint's are champions

Well we'll just see 'bout dat

Gonna put a hurtin' on 'em

With my Hick'ryfied football bat

And all them other teams

They best get outta th' way

They won't know what hit 'em

And they ALL will rue th' day

I got th' offseason blues

I got th' offseason blues

From my toes to my nose

From my head to my shoes

I got th' offseason blues


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