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Preview magazines: So far, we're looking good

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I've begun my annual habit of reading the NFL preview magazines just to see what they say about the Falcons. So far, the 1st 2 I've read were very positive about the Falcons.There were 2 others I didn't have time to read, but i looked real quick at the prediction page and both had us in the playoffs. The 2 that I read also had us in the playoffs. Athlon's had us in the wildcard and Pro Football Weekly had us tied at 10-6 with the Saints and us winning the division. Athlon's gave us good grades in the Falcons section for each position. It was all A's and B's except for the D-line which got a C+. We got decent draft grades, Athlon's giving us a C, mainly because the picks weren't flashy, but said they were all good value picks, and PFW had a top draft list of best fit for a team, best value, biggest reach, etc. the Weatherspoon pick was listed as the best fit for a team's style. I've been looking at these mags for years, and the only other year that every magazine I've read had positive previews of us, was the year after our Superbowl. Nice that the Falcons are getting respect. i can't wait for the season. :D I'm very excited about this season.

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They are way to critical on our sack total I mean we had the 10th best Run Defense last year that should at least make our Dline a B-

Our sack total was too low last season. The grades are mainly based on what they think we're going to do this season, not what we did last season. They gave our secondary a B+, and they certainly didn't play B+ ball last year until the last 3 games. The C+ grade for our D-line is probably base on legitamit questions. How well will P.Jerry come back from his injury? Will Abe be back to his sack machine self? Who will step up at the other De spot. I personally think the D-line will be fine, but I understand the C+ grade, don't agree with it, but understand it. for the record, both mags have Bierman starting at the other DE spot.

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