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Chris Mayes-Spalding County DL info


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I spoke with my Uncle who is on the football staff at Spalding County about Chris Mayes who recently got an offer from the Dawgs. He said that he is a great kid who is about 6-5 292 lbs and is fast for his size. He has offers from Ok State, Kentucky, UGA, Louisville and a few others. Smart was by the other day and Alabama is expected to offer as well. Chris came over from Griffin HS and last year was his first year playing football. He is raw but with unlimited potential. He has a great frame, my Uncle said that his shoulders are so wide that he has to turn sideways to enter most doorways. He is a very soft-spoken and humble kid who is highly coachable. As for where he might be heading, he has made 2-3 trips already on his own over to Athens and will be going back in a few weeks with some teamates who are attending a camp. Chris was really impressed when Richt, Grantham, and Garner all came by his school on the day that UGA gave him his offer. He also knows Corey Moore and all the Griffin kids really well. He is being recruited for a DE position by UGA. The move to Spalding was in part to help him with his grades. He has some work to do grade-wise to qualify, but with a good academic support staff in place at Spalding, he is expected to qualify.

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