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Our EXACT same 9-7 football team is getting infused with Dunta Robinson, Peria Jerry, Sean Weatherspoon, Harry Douglas, AND William Moore! Get pumped Falcons fans! Add the year of experience and off-season training and I am confident we are going to be proud the team that Mike Smith, Thomas Dimitroff, Mike Mularkey, Brian VanGorder, and ultimately Arthur Blank put on the field each and every Sunday! There are always surprises as well.. Will Sidbury step up? Will Biermann take it to the next level? Will JA98 tap into some of that God-given ability that made him a top 10 draft choice? Will Mike Johnson and/or Joe Hawley contribute in there first year? Howbout Meier or Peters? Can Franks connect the dots to becoming a star? Will Lindholm turn out to be a solid kicker for years to come? Things have not TRULY looked this good for a LONG time.. GO FALCONS!

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It's funny cause last year I was like Andy Dufresne with regards to the Falcons chances -

"Remember Red, hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies"

This year, I am a little bit more like Red -

"Hope. Let me tell you something my friend. Hope is a dangerous thing. Hope will drive a man insane"

While I readily admit that there is no harm in being overly optimistic, and I will never criticize anyone for doing so, for that really is the essence of being a fan, I am having a trouble convincing myself that this team is going to be dramatically better than last year.

So, I'm just going to watch what happens with measured expectations, and hopefully I will be surprised by getting the greatness from this team that I expected to see last year.

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Oh my god, I agree with you on something. Time to go jump. -_- :P

Sad but true! Cowboys went something like 13 years without a playoff victory. Romo's head was going to be on a stick for the fall guy. They finaly had playoff success. The Falcons had only a couple stints with playoffs after 98 superbowl loss. NFC championship with dog killa comes to mind. But many and myself were finaly happy to get the back to back winning seasons away. If you subsribe to either Cowboys or Falcons recent success there is not much alternative but playoffs or bust this year for both teams.

Now step away from the ledge, please.

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