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Tony Gonzalez's plane forced to make emergency landing

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Tony G's Twitter for those who can't access it at work:

Great job to the four pilots that landed the plane. You guys kept everyone calm. about 6 hours ago via UberTwitter

Long day but SO glad to be home!! We took off and the right engine went out. Had to make an emergency landing. Its a good day to be alive!!

I HATE flying. Sure glad Tony and all others on his flight are safe!

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Time to start spending more time in Atlanta and less on the West Coast! I did hear about this last night, glad everyone on the plane is ok. Great work by the pilots!

My guess is he was on the Delta flight that took off from ATL yesterday headed to LA that had to make an emergency landing. Saw the whole thing on local news yesterday. Very routine. Very safe.

He is spending most of his time in ATL. In fact I heard him on the radio this morning saying he was on the way to practice so he's probably already back.

This was nothing like the Cessna whose nose gear wouldn't fully deploy on the way to PDK airport earlier in the week. That one was scary, but the pilot did everything by the book and both people lived to tell about it.

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