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Teen Werewolfs


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AHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHa..."Gangs are posers who just do things for attention, were not like that, like were a family"

Seriously? Is this all it takes to get on tv now a days?

I know, Gangs are not posers but cowards, these clowns are nothing more then a bunch of emos that love the Twilight bullsh!t lol.

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" we're not to be feared.."

Haha, you got that right queerbait. :lol:

Not that theres anything wrong with that.

These are exactly the kind of kids that got you into ISS. I can't imagine how badly we would have made their lives back in my high school..

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Funny quotes:

"We're not to be feared."- No duh!

"I don't believe anyone is just human. Everyone has a little something mixed in with them."- Seriously?! I don't even know what to say to that. :rolleyes:

That woman was lying through her teeth when she said she was proud. I don't really think that there are too many parents who would be thrilled that their children acted this way. She may love him, but I'm pretty sure that this isn't what she was expecting when she held him in her eyes for the very first time.

Alpha "dog"- Seriously?! If that's the head honcho, then that pack is pretty weak.

how could she be proud of it when she said the first thing that she makes him do when he gets home is take the contacts and fangs out, get rid of the tail, and put his hair back in a ponytail.

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Here's a crazy idea for the parents of the weirdos....don't buy your weirdos fangs, weirdo contacts, tails, swords, or eye liner. For the love of normal, what is going on with kids these days.

If I ever catch my son acting like that (or wearing skinny jeans), there will be **** to pay.

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