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Solution To Stadium Dilemna

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The Falcons' Arthur Blank wants a new stadium. Why? Though the Georgia Dome is not that old, it is already obsolete because there are not enough luxury boxes. Plus the Falcons do not get the concession or paking revenue, the city (or county) does. Blank wants to maximize his profits, and rightfully so. Blank could sink more money into the Dome to spruce it up (he recently put 40 million into it already), but why do that when the team might only be playing there for a few more years (the Falcons' lease is up when the bonds are paid off, somewhere between 2016 and 2025)?

Solution? Sell the Dome to the Falcons. If the Falcons leave the Georgia Dome the concessions and parking for Falcons games goes with them anyway, so might as well sell the Dome to Blank. Take into account the events the Dome hosts that the city makes money on, or ask the Falcons to give the city a percentage cut.

This is far cheaper than Blank building a stadium on his own, far cheaper than having the city/state help with a new stadium for Falcons and Collegiate football while the Dome plays weak sister with whatever events it can come up with. Not to mentiion the Dome sale would bring in some needed money to help the city during this hard time.

If Blank builds his stadium it will be too late, so the time to sell the Dome to the Falcons is now.

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