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Was wondering


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What factors in the most/least , when the CS/FO make decisions about players, and their futures with the team. I'm assuming, of course, that they mostly use a grading/scoring system of some sort, to make those decisions.

Just as an example, it may be something like this:

JA98's Scorecard

(Average points needed to win starting spot- 7)

(Average points needed to win roster spot- 5)

Category-------------------Factor(%)---------------Score (1-10)


Prior season's performance--20-----------------------5

TC performance--------------20-----------------------5

Contract (favorable)--------20-----------------------5

Preseason performance-------20-----------------------6

Totals:---------------------100----------------------5.6 AVG

JA98 would earn a roster spot (on paper) but not start, in this example.

Assuming everyone’s healthy, what do ya'll think are some of the likely categories and how much would each factor into the equation?

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