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This site has been used by more and more of us of late. Let me just add the disclaimer that the site itself admits it is flawed ... however it is an objective attempt to rate player performance.

Having said that ... as a Falcon fan I picked up on a few suprises as well as some confirmations.

Starting with the key injured players from '09 ... there '08 performances were:

3. Turner (2008)

6. Ryan (2008)

Not a suprise...

6. Gonzo (2009)

1. Abraham (2008)

20. Jenkins (2008) solid performance

Some surprises:

4. Abraham (2009) ... still highly effective.

11. Biermann (2009) ... higher than some pro bowlers.

1. Babs (2009) ... we knew he was good ... according to the site ... he is the best.

6. McClure (2008) ... consistantly our highest rated OLman.

16. Clabo (2008)

29. Clabo (2009) ... our highest rated Tackle (consistantly better than Otah).

21./25. Dahl (2008/2009) ... our highest rated Guard (probably not a surprise).

17. Lofton (2009) ... would have thought higher but he was docked on coverage.

1. Mughelli (2009) ... another "best" in the league.

8./35. White (2008/2009) Big drop off from our best reciever.


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Is that a typo on Roddy? 35th? There's no chance he was the 35th best WR last year. I know it's not a science, but I can't see anything that could rate him so lowly.

He actually ranks 16th or better in most categories. The thing that killed his overall rating was penalties, I am assuming offsides or pass interference primarily.

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