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Could the Madden Monopoly be coming to an end?

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I hope so. Competition would be a good thing IMO.

I agree. Maybe it will give EA a reason to actually make the Madden games better insead oof just tweaking a few things and adding rookie players.

I like Madden games, but the monopoly has not helped when it comes to quality.

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2K5 was the best football game ever made.

NFL2K5 is the greatest game not named StarCraft. At one point I was ranked 16th in the country online. I played it nonstop freshman year of college.


the best football game of all time is still the original Blitz.


c'mon guys, seriously?

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I hope so because although I didn't like 2k5 that much like most, it was a good game and I can't imagine how much they would have improved by now. They haven't even made a football game this generation yet so it could have transformed just like NBA 2k. Madden has gotten lazier and lazier since the competition was knocked out. I'd buy 2k in a heart beat, unless it just looked crappy. and i'm pretty sure they'd make a great my player mode, which sells me on anything since madden has made superstar mode crappy and watered down.

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Madden 05 was actually better than 2K5. 2K5 is so overhyped and I would call BS anyday to someone who says 2K5 is better than Madden 10

lmao, Madden 10 might be the worst football game I have ever played.

After finally caving and buying it last year like 7 months after it was released, I have vowed to never buy another Madden game again until it's universally applauded.

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