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JA98 Worth that Much!

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Click on the link below...This was just kind of interesting to me. And Im not a JA98 basher, but still I collect Falcons football cards so I had to share. So it just happened to come up on my ebay when I logged in, and thought that I would share it with you all, just in case you are looking for something a little different during these boring months. Anyways, I saw it and I was like ****, this guy must think "some dumb falcons" fan will pay $150 for it.Obviously he has never spent any time what so ever on our forum. Just in case you guys dont know, Roddy White RC cards go from about $20-50 on average. Matt Ryans about $50 to $150 on average, Norwood, about $3-15 just to put things in perspective. Of course there is the high end stuff that goes for much more like Upperdeck Exquisite. I actually have bought all 8 of my Jason Snelling RC's on ebay for less than $4 each. Well, at least someone in America thinks that Anderson is worth something!

On a side note...im not a JA98 basher, Im ok and have one more year of patience, since I think the rest of our team can take over for him if he cannot be a defensive starter.

And for reference......if Harry Douglas goes nuts, I will probably be able to buy all of us box seats for a season...thats how many of his cards I have!

My link

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I heard the Falcons were trying to trade the real JA98 for an Albert Hainesworth Rookie Card on Ebay. Is that true?

Yes, but talks have stalled. The reserve price on card includes trade for real JA98 and a copy of the new Cheerleader calendar, but it's not out yet, and a teriyaki Slim Jim.

The only way to get it now is use the dreaded "Buy it now" feature,...then auction off JA98 with proceedes going to charity and become a tax write off. Which would probably red flag the IRS into an audit.

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