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I need some help with some Falcons players

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I took a football out to training camp last year and to minicamp this year and I need some help identifying some signatures for my insurance company.

From last year: #16, #49, #69, #17, and #38.

Thanks so much for any help.

If those are the jersey numbers of the guys who signed it, don't waste your money trying to insure it. None of them made the roster, and I doubt any other roster. If they did, then they changed numbers & if you can't read the name you'll never figure it out.

#38 CB A. Tiller

#49 LB Jamie Winborn

#69 OT A. Spear

There was never a #16 or #17 that dressed out for any preseason game.

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@CHOCTHEFALCONFAN - I know...I also got the entire starting offense except Gonzalez (including Ryan, Turner, and White!), and the entire starting defense except Abraham and Robinson

@FalconFanSince1970 - Your comment was pretty obnoxious considering you know nothing about this. I told you that I was asking for the autographs for my insurance company because I wanted it insured seeing as I live in a bad neighborhood. There is no way I would ever sell that football. I have been a Falcons fan for years and I don't appreciate being called a "leech" by someone who does not know me.

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