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Bigger things ahead for Falcons' White


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Point No. 1: Falcons wide receiver Roddy White is poised for a 100-catch season.

After three consecutive seasons with more than 80 catches, the sixth-year veteran should make a serious run at his first 100-catch season with the help of quarterback Matt Ryan, who is entering his third year as an NFL starter.

"We're completing a lot of balls out there for big plays," White said during the team's recent minicamp. "We're going to continue to get better."

With the return of running back Michael Turner, who missed five games because of injury last year, and the emergence of fourth-year rusher Jason Snelling, opponents won't be able to drop additional defenders into pass coverage very often, opening up more passing opportunities for the Falcons. During 14 game appearances and two starts last year, Snelling averaged 4.3 yards per carry while rushing for 613 yards -- second only to Turner's 871 yards during his 11 starts.

The team's top receivers -- White, Tony Gonzalez and Michael Jenkins -- are all back. And the wide receiver corps will get an added boost with the return of Harry Douglas, a promising young receiver out of Louisville who turned in a solid rookie season in 2008 before missing the 2009 season with a torn ACL.

While it appears White and the Falcons offense should be set for an outstanding year, there's one other significant factor that must work in their favor in 2010 if they're going to make a deep run into the playoffs.

"Everybody stay healthy, and we'll be successful," White said.


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yea agreed, like the multi threat, but roddy is going to make strides again this year imo, he is really growing into the position very nicely now. Big time threat!

Jenks looked good in camp as well, lets see how this progresses!

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Snelling average 4.3 ypc? wow didn't know it was that much (sorry for offtopic)

Snelling only has one mode and thats beast mode. I seriously doubt he'll be a Falcon much longer. Very underrated.

Edit: One thing i've noticed is that the majority of the team this year preaches staying healthy. Looks like everyone is buying into the program.

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For this offense to be it's best, the Falcons should spread the ball around a little more, so I don't think 100 catches for Roddy would be the best thing for Roddy.

I agree, too many weapons to throw just to one guy predominately unless he's the only one constantly open.

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I think the team will see a rise in passing TDs through the combination of

MR's continued development and complete knowledge of:

1. The playbook

2. The gamespeed

3. His receiving traits

4. Inter division rival (especially) defensive weaknesses

The opening up of the playbook and increased trust in matt's arm

increased chemistry between the corps, and a 3rd year under Mularky.

That cannot be underestimated, having coaching stability, even though some of us don't like Mike M's playbook.

Should be a great year, and HD and Meier seem like exactly what you want in the slots to force pressure off White on the outside.

HD commands athletic coverage to avoid giving up a big play

Meier makes traffic catches and is imo, going to be a 3rd down nightmare for teams. This keeps backers in the middle of the field, and strong safeties creeping down to support.

Perfect for White (and don't sleep on Jenkins) to burn up the outside or over the deep middle on posts

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I say 85- He probably wont get to 100 because of HD coming back and hopefully an improved Jenkins, Not to mention TG and the rookie Miere whoI feel will make some noise-That way Finn can retire and become apart of the staff.

I should put the Grey goose down :wacko:

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