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Whats everyones favorite game since the Dimitroff-Smith Era began.

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^^^^ This.

Closely followed by the Detroit game where we raw dogged the Lions and their message board imploded immediately afterward. Ryan's first pass goes for a touchdown! B)

Isnt that when the Lions closed thier message boards and the fans had to go set one up themselves?

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For me its Chicago, game was played in Atlanta. And the Bears thought they were such a good team. And the Falcons took full advantage of Lovie Smith's coaching gaff to kick the ball short. And the fans there all seemed to stay to see how things ended. Most years fans could not wait to beat the traffic, figuring the team had lost another game.

Was this Ryans first come from behind win?

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Hey guys, I'm new around here.

I really enjoyed our Monday Night game this past year. It put the most under rated rivalry in the NFL in the spotlight and it was a hard fought game between two of the best teams in the NFL. I'm looking forward to many more classics.

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