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Matt Ryan on "Matt FM"

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Just listened on Dave FM or as they called it "Matt FM" today due to today being his 25th bday. He had his old high school coach come on the show and they talked for a while about Matt Ryan running a triple option offense in high school. His coach was really proud of him and kept praising Matt's work ethic and his willingness to work extremely hard to reach his goals. After his high school coach went off air, Arthur Blank came on and had a specific question for Ryan. He asked him about the article that was in AJC sometimes last week about Matt saying we're closer to 12 or 13 wins than we are to 8. He basically put him on the spot. Matt laughed it off at first but then went on to say that he thought even last year we were closer to 12 wins and we let couple games get away. He is very confident about a team that we have in place and his main focus is winning the division and getting into the playoffs. He feels that if we get in the playoffs we can definitely win a superbowl. Another caller called in and asked about what game that he played in the pro's so far he would like to get back. He said he would like another shot at the Cardinals game in the playoffs, feels like we played them the best during their superbowl run. All in all, Matt Ryan is a very classy individual and we should all be happy we have him as our quarterback. Go Falcons!!!

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Thanks for the notes and info. Always like to hear about things like this not being in the area. Blank sure can put people in the spot when he wants to. It's like when that cop asks you why you just urinated on a parked car at 3am(not that the time matters if a cop see's you doing it anyway). Matt's confidence is very important to our success.

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