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Yo Quiero Taco Bell!


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Taco Bell money still sought, police say

$2K mistakenly put in Taco Bell customer's bag

By Steve Bennish, Staff Writer

Updated 11:09 PM Friday, May 14, 2010

DAYTON — Police are still searching for the young woman in her 20s, driving a silver SUV with a sunroof and a tire mounted on the back, who got $2,000 in cash instead of burritos at a Taco Bell drive-through.

Police on Friday, May 14, released video surveillance footage of the woman as she went through the drive through at the Taco Bell on Brown Street, close to the University of Dayton campus and Miami Valley Hospital.

Instead of a bag with her order, she got a bag containing the restaurant’s morning bank deposit — about $2,000.

An employee said she was working the drive-through window and mistakenly gave the customer the bank deposit. The manager explained it was store policy to put the bank bag containing the deposit in a Taco Bell bag. The manager would then drive up to the drive-through window, and an employee would hand him the bag.

Police contacted a customer who was in line behind the SUV. He said he could not remember the license plate on the SUV. He and the employee described the driver as a college-age woman with black or brown shoulder-length hair, wearing a white T-shirt with a red sweater, zip-up jacket or sweatshirt over it. Her driver’s window apparently didn’t work because she had to open her door to get the bag. The vehicle has bumper stickers on it.

A search through the neighborhood for the vehicle was fruitless.

When last seen, the SUV was heading south on Brown Street.

Good luck on getting that back, BTW. :rolleyes:

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I bet if they do find her they will arrest her for stealing

I think you're right, and I also think that would be silly. Let's focus on putting blame on the manager for coming up with such a stupid system for bank deposits, and the drive-thru worker who handed the lady the money.

I had something sort of similar to this happen to me once at Home Depot. I went there looking to buy a trailer, and asked the lady at the desk to get me a price on the 5x8 cargo trailer. She told me it was $757. I was kind of shocked by the low price tag, but went home to see if I could budget this. I came back the next day to confirm the price tag, and again I was told it was $757 and I also made sure she was looking at the 5x8 covered cargo trailer. She confirmed and I bought it. Two days later I get a call from Home Depot saying that they mistakenly sold me a $2500 trailer for $757. I told them that we had a contract in the form of a sales receipt and that I would not be returning the item.

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