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Greatest Falcons teams ever

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need your Falcons fix ??????

Craving 3 1/2 hrs of Great Falcons Football ???????

well look no further , i got ya man.....

make sure to refresh the hulu links to see entire clip












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couldnt find any film on 73 and 78was lucky to find the 80s film i found,,,, there were alot 500 teams aswell , 05 06 09 , didnt feel they were worth posting tho as those teams didnt make playoffs

The '71 team was decent too. You're right though, most of those teams didn't make the playoffs. Only the '78 team did. They were the first ever Falcon playoff team. They actually beat PHI in the first round. That was the Gritzblitz team. Had DAL beat in the second round until they knocked Staubach out of the game and Danny White came in and beat em like he would in the '80 playoff game. He was a Falcon killa.
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1995 Falcons were sick on offense. Say what you want about George they were exciting as ****!!

Killer vids Shredman!

Even though they set that crazy record with 4 players with 1000 yards from scrimmage, they only finished 11th in the league in scoring and 10th in the league in yards.

You probably wouldn't even believe me if I told you the 2009 team scored 1 more point than the 95 team, cause lots of people thought the offense struggled last year, but it's true.

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