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Just Wondering?

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Not going to happen and shouldn't happen, but I feel really good about having him on the team so if Chipper needs to rest a day or take a few days off because of a minor injury we know we have a guy that can field the position well and hit. He isn't Chipper though. He doesn't carry the aura that Chipper does against other pitchers and is not going to get the respect form other teams and officials the way Chipper can.

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Not going to happen, don't think it should...

however, I would like for Chipper to feel some pressure to perform some kind of way. I love Chipper, but I feel like he's hit the status in Atlanta where he doesn't work hard enough at taking care of himself to stay healthy at this age. Brian Jordan kind of called him out a few weeks back and Smoltz made some comments a few years back about the injuries, etc.

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