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Q&A: John Abrabam doesn’t feel like he’s slowing down


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Q&A: John Abrabam doesn’t feel like he’s slowing down

by D. Orlando Ledbetter

Flowery Branch – Falcons defensive end John Abraham is not one to dodge a question.

He’s heard the whispers about him being washed up.

He’s seen some of your comments on here, pleading for the team to draft a defensive end.

He knows his sacks dipped from 16.5 to 5.5 last season.

He knows that, according to the coaches’ stats after film review, he had 10 quarterback hurries.

Before Abraham had to leave to catch a plane, he tackled some hard core issues.

Abraham, who turned 32 last Thursday, is under contract through the 2011 season. He’s set to make a base salary of $6.5 million next season and a base salary of $8 million in 2011.

Here’s the Q&A with Abraham.

Q: How has your offseason been going for you?

A: It’s been good. I’ve been down working out in Pensacola for a month down at the Andrews Institute. I feel good. I came back and I feel like I’m in shape. I feel like I’ve got a little more juice in me.

Q: Have you looked back on last season? How did you evaluate your play?

A: We just have to get a little more experience out there. That’s all. I felt like I played well. I don’t feel like I fell off. People ask me ‘do you think you’re losing it?’ But I watched myself on tape and it still shows that I’m doing the same stuff I did before. I feel good. I’m out here (at minicamp) now and I feel good. I don’t feel like I’m slowing down.

Q: Would better coverage in the secondary have helped your sack numbers?

A: We just need more experience. If you watch, I had a lot of good pressures, but I just didn’t get them down like I wanted to. I think we’ve got a lot more experience. Bringing Dunta (Robinson) in here helps. Some of our younger guys are more experienced now. It should be good for me.

Q: Will getting Peria (Jerry) back help the pass rush, too?

A: Yeah, that should help us in the pass rush. Peria did a good job with the little bit of plays he had last year. Now, it’s time for him to stand up and really be a contributor.

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