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Lena Horne ies at 92

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The Booker T. Washington High School of Atlanta, Georgia is mourning the passing of another one of its famous Alumnus. Lena Horne is an Atlanta native that graduated from my high school. She was indeed a beautiful lady that had style and class. I believe that she just made heaven brighter. May God rest your soul.

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Fred Sanford's afterlife just got a little better.


I'll never forget that episode on Sanford and Son when Fred tried to trick her to coming to his house and he made up this story that Lamont was a little kid and that he was lame ( Little Lame Lamont ) and when she found Lamont was a grown man , she wanted to kill him and I thought that episode was soooo funny ! I'll never for that or to forget such a beautiful and talented African American Woman . Thank you Lena , you've lived a wonderful life . R.I P too ! :(

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I was kinda fishy on it being her, the mouth didn't look right but the eyes looked okay.

What do you expec me to say, all black people look alike? :P anyway I will fix it.

I didn't want to go there, so I just left it at that. :D

(LOL@ Shirley from What's Happening)

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