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Predict your final 53


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***I didnt list then as depth chart, just they guys I think makes it***


QB - Ryan, Redman, Wilson

RB - Turner, Norwood, Snelling

FB - Mughelli

WR - White, Jenkins, Douglas, Meier, Weems, Harvey

TE - Gonzolez, Peelle, Peek

OT - Baker, Svitek, Clabo, Reynolds (OT/G)

OG - Dahl, Johnson, Blaylock

OC - McClure, Hawley (OC/G)


DE - Abraham, Beirmann, Sidbury, Davis

DT - Babineaux, Jerry, Peters, Walker, Anderson

OLB - Peterson, Nicholas, Weatherspoon, Wire

ILB - Lofton, Adkins

CB - Robinson, Owens, Grimes, Williams, Jackson, Franks ( I think we could trade Owens or Grimes depending on Franks progress)

S - DeCoud, Coleman, Moore, Bush


K - Bryant

P - Koenen

LS - Zelenka


Jose Valdez (OG), Bear Woods (LB), Shann Schillinger (S), Ryan Wolfe (WR), Dimitri Nance (RB), Leroy Banks (TE), Garrett Lindholm (K) Rob Bruggeman (OL)

1) yes, 6 WRs

2) I think LBs and WRs will make up a good portion of ST

3) I think they go with Bryant for vet stability even though Haushka has a better leg

4) Anderson could be on his way out, but his versatility could make him stick over Lewis and Johnson

5)I think Bush will play defense better than Shann, but ST could get Schillinger a 53 spot over Bush.

6) we have versatile lineman, so we dont need to keep as many active

7) we should have a great competition for KR/PR, and we are deep enough that Douglas will not be used there.

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I don't agree with trading Owens or Grimes - I would rather have them then Williams

i agree here. I could just see it for another player or a pick if we have alot of talent there. They could want the vet presense.

I would want to keep them both as well. If they traded one I think it would be Grimes, which I really dont like. He only has a year on his deal, and will get considerably more $$ than Owens to re-sign

I didnt list them as a depth chart (Weatherspoon or Douglas) just picking the bodies I think will stick.

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QB-ryan, redman, wilson

RB-turner, norwood, nance

FB-mughelli, snelling

TE-gonzalez, peele, peek

WR-white, jenkins, douglas, meier, harvey

LT-baker, svitek

LG-blalock, johnson

OC-mcclure, hawley

RG-dahl, johnson

RT-clabo, reynolds

RDE-abraham, biermann

RDT-jerry, walker

LDT-babinaux, anderson, peters

LDE-anderson, davis, sidbury

WLB-peterson, wire

MLB-lofton, adkins

SLB-weatherspoon, nicholas

RCB-owens, grimes, jackson

FS-decoud, giordano, shillinger

SS-coleman, moore

LCB-robinson, franks













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